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I have been thinking a lot about how to organise my transitional phase in France, because it will be a time that will involve a lot of work, challenge me and put a financial burden on me. It will take some time until I have found a suitable place for my Tiny House and created the basics to implement my projects there and live in the Tiny House. With the awareness of a challenging transition period I have invested a lot of attention and energy in making this time as good as possible. My main guide was the idea of making my costs as small as possible and at the same time creating everyday stability. The purchase and conversion of a van into a temporary mobile home seemed to me to be the best solution. Also if my Tiny House is later in France, the van allows me to explore the breathtakingly beautiful nature of France, the coasts and the scattered little villages. And I have a car at my disposal that allows me to get to my field and transport materials.

The Corona pandemic caused a great deal of uncertainty in my plans and I rejected my original plan to move to France with my Tiny House.

Within a year several temporary lockdowns were decided in many parts of the world, in which it became impossible to travel and to move as a non-French in France. A shut down tourism and closed shops, as well the uncertainty how the pandemic would develop economically and personally for me, led to the assessment of taking a middle course that would allow me to adapt flexibly to the situation. If there will be time slots with openings and lockdowns I can adapt and move flexible in my van.

At the moment there is only this incredibly beautiful field that I can use for my permaculture farm, but not yet a fixed place for my Tiny House. There is a blank green sheet of paper that have to be filled with basic structures to carry future plans. If the pandemic withdraws, greater stability will revert and the basics will stand. Until then I will fill up the van with a free life.

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I bought this van in a way that reminds me to a cinema scene. It was full of drama, my nerves were blank and I thought I will never have a van that will drive. I went to car dealer, search in the internet and took a look to private offers. It was so catastrophically that I didn’t want anymore. Until I asked the best person I could ever ask. He was the key to my lovely van.

In spring 2021 I started to convert the inside of my van. From a contact I had a lot of old pallet wood and put a lot of effort to recycle it. It became a beautiful wooden floor. The kitchen of my Tiny House fits in my van so that I can use one kitchen for the van and for the Tiny House. For the bed I use also a recycled pallet wood and create a cosy space.

Every part of the interior is flexible. The cover of the walls, the wooden floor and the furniture are easy removable so that I can switch between a van for living and a van for a transport.

In the slider on the left side you can follow the transformation of my van.