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It’s spring in 2021 and I’m sitting with a hot coffee and a warm apple crumble right in front of my floor-to-ceiling windows in my Tiny House, letting my gaze wander into the distance. After a long cold winter, spring fights its way through the soil and makes the first plants sprout delicately. The sun shines wonderfully and leaves on my skin the feeling of warmth and new beginning.

My Tiny House is currently standing by the artist community “Altes Kesselhaus” in Berlin Marzahn and has been my companion and workplace for four years. With my Tiny House I moved through different locations, worked there on sustainable projects and dealt artistically with the question of a sustainable future (The Green Tiny House). Now I want to open a new chapter in my life and develop my approaches of a sustainable future. I want to live sustainability and transform my Tiny House from a workplace to a place of life. This is where I want to move in and live what has keeping me busy since years.

When I started to deal with the topic of “Tiny House“ was my biggest motivation to become more independent. Because the question about the cycles of paying rent, having to do an unloved job for a lifetime and chasing moments of dispersal has occupied me for a long time.

I saw the close connections between the profound dependencies that our system had created and the personal suffering it caused. Personal experiences of alienation and loneliness, and the observations of the repetitive patterns of those experiences in others and the fragility of the entire economic construct, moved me deeply inside and did not let me sleep at night. They pushed me to find ways to break those cycles and dependencies. Because I wanted to live differently. I wanted to live well.

Escaping the rent payments which have long been far too high, became the driving force. It was the beginning of an idea that developed into the building up an own permaculture farm. The guiding principle of a free life, which is in harmony with my own needs without being under the pressure of dependencies, permeates everything – from Tiny House to permaculture farm. The establishment of the free will and the fundamentally permanent availability of a choice are the creative elements inherent in everything. They are the beginning of a search for a good life.

The economic and social developments in 2020 and 2021 fueled my guiding principle of getting rid of these dependencies. The Corona Pandemic testified to the catastrophic consequences of those close entanglements. I realized that in addition to my personal gain in freedom, I was able to integrate additional components in my life: stability and crisis security. A separate paid-off house, which could be financed without a credit, created a place of security and tranquility. If I lost my job, I wouldn’t risk losing a home.

In this year 2021 I will travel to the south of France. In 2020 I bought a piece of land there to grow fruit and vegetables for my own use. A permaculture farm based on regenerative agriculture is the ideal partner of a Tiny House that will give me a home. In both flow the energies that I need to free myself a little bit and to free myself from dependencies that frighten and worry me. So 2021 will also be a year in which I will lay the foundation for a new life in the south of France. Building the infrastructure for my permaculture farm and minimalist life in a small space will challenge and enrich me, teach me and grow. The permaculture farm as well as life in a small space are new steps in my life, which I will document here on these pages. I show how everything grows and develops, how a field becomes a permaculture farm and a Van Life becomes a life in Tiny House. My feelings and thoughts I describe on my blog.

Minimalism and free life on wheels:
Van Life and Tiny House

Until I have created the basics for my life in Provence, I live in my upgraded van. The money I would otherwise have to spend on rent is considerable and I can therefore reduce my expenses. At the same time, the van allows me flexibility and I can travel in Provence, transport the necessary material and travel further routes at no cost. As soon as I find the place where I want to live and put my Tiny House, I will move my Tiny House. Join me on my quest and journey.

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Regenerative and sustainable agriculture on my own land: my permaculture farm

In addition to independent housing the focus for me is on the independent supply of food. I see a great enrichment in knowing where my food comes from, having organic food available and living with nature. I start with a 6000sqm field in the middle of Provence near the Luberon Nature Park, which has not been farmed for 30 years, and build up a permaculture farm. I follow the ideas of regenerative agriculture for building a healthy soil and thus a healthy basis for organic farming.

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Self-sufficient circulatory systems:
electricity, water, heat, ressources

For my independent life in my Tiny House and with my permaculture farm I need as self-sufficient cycles as possible, in which I can generate electricity by myself, collect, store and recycle water, generate heat and bring in resources in such a way that nothing is lost or even thrown away. Because there is no waste, but resources which are transformed into each other in cycles. Various projects are on the agenda for this.

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