tiny house life

Although everything will soon be new for me, is the whole project not a way where I will abruptly and completely leave the old behind and start again with everything new. My Tiny House has been at my side for four years and I have used it as a moving workplace where I developed and implemented my sustainable projects. It was an incredible enrichment and also an important step for my further development, to be connected with this Tiny House to different communities and to get in touch with different exciting people. Because here my abilities developed and the vision of a good life emerged.

This vision was not so clear from the beginning and tangable as a plastic idea but comprised a very long development process in which I worked out a concrete idea from my longings, hopes and ideas and could transform it into a plan.

There were so many scattered thoughts and feelings that were confused and inaccurate at the beginning, and I struggled with the ideas of a society that I could not reconcile with mine. But one thing became clear very early on: I had to become more independent in order to be freer.

I realized that living in a rental apartment would keep me forever in a commitment that would cost me an incredible amount of energy. Without this detachment there would be no change in my life. Thus, the first thought of an exemption from financial obligations became the plan to build a tiny house. With my tiny house, my freedom plans became more tangible, but I still had no idea how everything should go on. I didn’t know where I wanted to go and was in a discovery phase that would last four years with experimentation, trying out, discarding and designing.

And so a place of work became a place of life that takes past development with it and integrates it. Sustainable projects will emerge here, I will work on the conception, implementation and implementation of my permaculture farm and my creative soul will be awaken. I would like to experience all the further developments of my life in my tiny house, because everything started here.