the creative mind

When I close my eyes to dream, I see myself working in one of these old beautiful victorian greenhouses. The atmosphere of plants of all kinds, the smell of soil, old metal with patina, huge windows that let a lot of light and sun into the greenhouse and the emitting rest let my thoughts wander to female adventurers, who courageously and alone travelled into the world to follow their passion of botany. Until today so many women are unknown, who did and still do an excellent and extensive work in the field of botany and are forgotten. Many acquired the knowledge from a foreign world in a particularly respectful way and approached with much humility, passion and respect. Discoverers such as Jeanne Baret, Koncordie Amalie Nelle Dietrich and Alice Eastwood were unwavering and passionate in their quest for knowledge and the discovery of new things.

My heart beats wildly when I follow their tracks in books, because here I feel my own quest for new knowledge. I feel connected to them, because they also left conventions behind, accepted dangers and set out to discover new worlds. I want to resurrect this atmosphere full of female spirit of adventure and new things for me to give this still very unknown part of myself the space it needs to awaken and grow. So I’m looking for a victorian greenhouse that stands somewhere unused because it’s not needed anymore and has been forgotten to add a missing puzzle part of my life. It brings my passion for botany together with my creativity. I want to fetch it to me and create with a lot of plants, wood and metal a world in which I can discover the part of my being, which is still in its infancy.


Beside my work on the field I need a space where I can follow my creative mind. In accordance with this idea I will create inside the greenhouse a room with the look of a study room. A space full of plants in various forms – alive, dried, on pictures – and different varieties, furniture made of wood and metal and a lot of sun light is the habitat of my free spirit.

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My free artistic site is a very unknown part. Because my whole life I tried to be a member of a world that is created by expectations who and how you have to be. Until my days in the free nature of france there was no space to find out who I really am. But there was always a strong inner voice that wanted to push me in the right direction – my inner compass. In this time I was not free enough to take the advice of my compass and ignored it until I developed unrecognized seriuos illness so that I was not able to live a normal life. My body and my soul were so tired. I decided to leave the noisy world to recover and follow my inner compass which means to be very brave – brave enough to resist the chains of the social conditioning and brave enough for my own truth. I follow my longing and write about my journey to my freed spirit.

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