My name is Kata and I live in my Tiny House in the south of France. Here under the warm sun of the Provence I live as a permaculture farmer, artist and independent self- sufficient woman my life dream and tell you the story of my journey on this blog.

My story began when I was thinking about leaving the normal lifelines of a big city. The over-fluting input of a permanently present consumption world stressed me and pushed me into a hustle life. The pressure to be a functional wheel in a big cycle of „being someone“ and „being a useful someone“ took my breath and my energy. I didn’t understand the meaning of that construction which takes energy from everyone and gives everyone a bad feeling.

In the big city I was cut from the life I lived, the food I ate, the way I went and the people I met. I lost the connection between me and the social surroundings and felt lost. But I had no idea who I am and where I want to be. The sound of a noisy world laid in my ears and I could not hear what I feel and want in my life. My skills laid deep hidden in a shy corner and I didn’t use them because I didn’t know for what.

In this noisy world falled some day a small picture. On this picture with my selfbuild table and a fine dining dish is focused the quintessence of a vision I wanted to live. When I look at the picture, I see the passion with which I built a beautiful table of discarded pallet wood and how I grew with this project. Every time when I sat at that table I swiped over the wood and thought about the moment when I looked proudly at the finished table for the first time. I thought about the discarded wood, which was too valuable to leave it in the trash. And I thought about the beautiful moments I spent at this wooden table. I remembered this fine dining evening, when I sat with friends for many hours and ate incredibly good food. This devotion to food, the dedication to conjuring a special delicacy from regional foods, paying attention to where they come from, how they were packaged and how they grew, did something with me at that evening. I sank into the atmosphere of the moment and the thought of bringing such moments permanently into my life. I saw the opportunity to look holistically at sustainability and combine human needs for closeness, connection and good life with the protection of nature. I knew there were opportunities and wanted to explore, try them out and establish them in my life.

On my way I saw a huge greenhouse made of old wooden windows, where exotic plants such as bananas, kiwi and pineapple grew. Between all the wild plants, I had set up a workplace for myself, where I discovered new ideas and designed concepts for sustainable projects. In front of my greenhouse was a large permaculture garden, in which various tomato varieties grew between a colorful mixture of different plants. The sun of the South of France penetrated my skin, my soul and my head and grew there into a philosophy of life that made enjoyment to the center of attention. In the evening I heard the crickets and placed a huge wooden table in the middle of my field, made of pallets, and looked forward to my friends who took a seat to eat with me. I received people to whom I felt connected and who were close to me. I fell asleep in the evening and looked forward to the morning.

This vision gave me so much energy and hope that I couldn’t wipe of the picture of a free adventurer in search of a good life out of my mind. I was amazed about new possibilities and ways and was fascinated by the magic it triggered. The escape from an overly noisy world seemed for me no longer as a hasty run away, but as a turning to a life that I wanted to live without the sunday heavy grumblings. I sank into the warm vision of a free life near nature, which could bring me back into connection with myself and my life, and I realized what I had to do for it.

I felt the great importance of my liberation from dependencies that kept me in the big city. In this atmosphere of awakening, the blog “New Escapologist” grew with its words about “escaping the overbearing world of work, consumer debt, and status anxiety. We see it as a trap complete with bait and locking mechanisms, and worthy of our efforts to escape into the good life.” to a mental escape helper. Its serious but positive energy had the vibe, which I needed to finally mentally set up and become concrete. I had to work on ideas with which I can leave the stage of the neoliberal system as an “escapologist” because I wanted to be free from it and was fascinated by the idea of “escape from the status quo as a conscious realization of one’s own values and personal lifestyle“. I as an escapologist – that had something!

With a vision, the mental vibe as an “escapologist” and the heart of an adventurer, I set about planning my liberation. In countless nights and hard long days the vision is shaped to a way through which I could become free and independent in some areas of my life. The systemically important elements of housing and living, working and free time are facing a change in this way and will be connected in a newly created holistic system. From city life to life close and with nature.